Hongpao Society is not only for Chinese students but for everyone curious about China, regardless of whether for its food, language or culture. “Hongpao”(红袍) means the scarlet gown, and just like it we provide our members with a warm sense of belonging to St Andrews.

We organise a spectrum of events ranging from the weekly cultural and language exchange sessions to massive ones such as the Year of Dragon flash mob in 2012 .

Check out our current events here!

Hongpao membership will be available on the Hongpao Fayre and also in the Freshers’ Fayre during Freshers’ week of each semester. See why you should join!

You can subscribe to the Hongpao mailing list to receive updates about our events and other news, as well as updates on our biweekly Chinese conversation sessions. Also, connect with us on Facebook, Microblog and YouTube.


Click here for our Career Project- Home Page//职业发展




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Your600th Human Coat of Arm, Oct, 2012.

Your600th Human Coat of Arm, Oct, 2012.

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